Tŷ Nant Too, Red Glass Range

750ml (25 fl oz)
12 bottles per case 
55 cases per pallet
330ml (11 fl oz)
24 bottles per case
54 cases per pallet
Available in Still & Carbonated Variants
Tŷ Nant Blue Glass Range
Tŷ Nant Ripple (PET) Plastic Range
Tŷ Nant Ripple Pink (PET) Plastic Range
TAU Spring Water Glass Range
Available in specially commissioned crimson glass bottles, Tŷ Nant Too was launched in 1999.
To celebrate the companies 10th anniversary of supplying elegant Tŷ Nant cobalt bottles to customers around the world, Tŷ Nant Too offered the solution, with the same iconic bottle shape as Tŷ Nant Blue and the complimentary crimson colour combination.
The graceful shape draws its inspiration from the flowing lines of traditional burgundy and champagne bottles. Elegant and striking, this aesthetically pleasing proprietary design has become an instantly recognised and universally admired international icon.
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Typical Analysis:
Ca:          22.5 mg/l
Mg:        11.5 mg/l
Na:         22.0 mg/l
K:            1.0 mg/l
Fe:          0.002 mg/l
Cl:           14.0 mg/l
SO4:       3.7 mg/l
NO3:      <0.1 mg/l
F:            0.148 mg/l
pH:         6.80
Dry Residue @180°C 165mg/l
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