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Tŷ Nant have been working alongside the Pink Ribbon Foundation since 2008, to actively support the charities mission to help people who have been affected by breast cancer.
To support this cause a dedicated Tŷ Nant Ripple bottle (Plastic) was launched. Taking the award winning Tŷ Nant Ripple bottle shape, evoking the hypnotic motion of flowing water and complimenting with a pink label and bottle cap. Every bottle of the Tŷ Nant Ripple Pink range sold a donation is sent to the Pink Ribbon Foundation (Reg charity no 1080839).
To support the Pink Ribbon Foundation Tŷ Nant collaborated with some of the most dynamic designers invited to use their creative flair and decorate the classic Tŷ Nant cobalt blue and crimson red glass bottles in their own individual style using nail polish provided by Nails Inc.
Outstanding contributions were created and auctioned with the proceeds raised donated directly to the Foundation. The bottle creations are shown below alongside the designers comments and how the inspiration for each design was achieved.
"The combination of the 'sexy' deep bordeaux colour curvaceous bottle  and the bright Nails Inc varnishes seemed to beg for an immediate, energetic response from me. I wanted to 'clothe' the bottle in vibrant colour and create a positive and defiant look. To complete the 'Hamish Morrow' effect the bottle was coated with light reflecting nano varnish to add a litttle extra tech sparkle!"
Hamish Morrow
"Naturally Pink for Pink ribbon. Beads and sequins which are synonymous with my collections, flowers painted on with nail polish to add femininity. 
A really fun thing to design."

Elspeth Gibson x

"I was inspired by a mirror that I bought from the 1950's that is covered in coloured ribbons . The fluidity and direction the ribbons take around the bottle represent the journey you take in your life and the challenges your faced with."
Ben de Lisi
"It was a pleasure for me to the celebrate the involvement of Tŷ Nant Spring Water with the special work that The Pink Ribbon Foundation do.
My ribbon collar idea was symbolic of the life giving qualities of water, a gift to humanity. .."
Justin Oh
Image credited to Justin Phillips
Justin Oh
The Foundation is a grant making trust with a mission to fund projects and provide financial support to UK charities which relieve the needs of people who are suffering from, or who have been affected by breast cancer, its early detection and treatment.
“We thank the team at Tŷ Nant for all of their hard work and support over the many years that the partnership has been in place. Working together has been well received both by their staff and of course by all of the customers who were kind enough to support the campaign and Drink Pink throughout the year. We couldn't have asked for a more helpful and friendly partnership than that with Tŷ Nant and we look forward to working with them for many more years to come.”
Visit the Pink Ribbon Foundation website