Tŷ Nant Blue Glass Range

750ml (25 fl oz)
12 bottles per case 
55 cases per pallet
330ml (11 fl oz)
24 bottles per case
54 cases per pallet
Available in Still & Carbonated Variants
Tŷ Nant Too, Red Glass Range
Tŷ Nant Ripple (PET) Plastic Range
Tŷ Nant Ripple Pink (PET) Plastic Range
TAU Spring Water Glass Range
Tŷ Nant natural mineral water, is available in specially commissioned cobalt glass bottles. Launched at the Savoy Hotel, London in 1989, Tŷ Nant received much acclaim and fast become the leading super premium bottled water.
Perhaps the most revolutionary aspect of the Tŷ Nant cobalt blue range is the bottle colour. The company innovatively broke convention with the old Victorian use of containing poison and instead presented cobalt as pure and refreshing, wholly drinkable colour.
Today Tŷ Nant is stocked in many of the world's most exclusive hotels and fine dining establishments and is internationally famed for its award winning bottle designs and pure, clean refreshing taste.
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Typical Analysis:
Ca:          22.5 mg/l
Mg:        11.5 mg/l
Na:         22.0 mg/l
K:            1.0 mg/l
Fe:          0.002 mg/l
Cl:           14.0 mg/l
SO4:       3.7 mg/l
NO3:      <0.1 mg/l
F:            0.148 mg/l
pH:         6.80
Dry Residue @180°C 165mg/l
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