The Source

Tŷ Nant Source Characteristics
Tŷ Nant natural mineral water has unique characteristics. This is primarily due to the character of the regions underlying geology.
The geology of Wales is complex and extremely interesting and can be generalised into two main formations, metamorphic and igneous. The two types make up the vast majority of subterranean rock found in Wales, each of which form very poor aquifers in terms of transmissivity.
However, with in these formations are units of high permeability rock, making them ideal for water extraction.
Tŷ Nant Aquifer
One such subterranean rock stratum forms the source aquifer for Tŷ Nant. Effectively surrounded by rocks of very low transmissivity, the water contained in the Tŷ Nant aquifer will primarily consist of recharge directly through the surface of the ground above.
Lateral flows into the aquifer from the surrounding, reletively low permeability rock is insignificant, allowing for the isolation of the aquifer. As the rocks forming the Tŷ Nant aquifer units are of high transmissivity, residence times for the water are low, producing the charicteristically low mineral content of Tŷ Nant natural mineral water.
Furthermore, recharge to the aquifer is rapid, allowing for a high water yield to be drawn without over exploiting the available capacity of the aquifer.
Tŷ Nant prides itself as being the custodian of this precious and essential resource. Having created a successful international distribution network for the water drawn from the aquifer at Bethania, Tŷ Nant is totally commited to ensuring the long-term preservation of what truly is a marvellous and worthy resource: the production of pure water from solid rock.