Tŷ Nant

Ty Nant Bottles

Design and Production

Ty Nant, the convention breaking, radical, revolutionary company with the deepest conservative blue.

Not only does Ty Nant promise the highest quality natural mineral water, but its presentation offers no compromise to either you, the consumer, or the environment, as each bottle is made either from specially commissioned glass or plastic – all of which can be recycled.

In today's competitive and crowded bottled water market, Ty Nant has arguably the most beautifully appealing product range, with an outrageously indulgent blue bottle, a fiery crimson bottle, an audacious, curvaceous PET bottle and most recently the clear glass, minimalist TAU bottle.

True Blue

Perhaps the most revolutionary aspect of Ty Nant is the company's innovative break with the old Victorian convention of using blue bottles to contain poison, and instead presenting blue as a pure and refreshing, wholly drinkable colour. Ty Nant courageously established this precedent in 1989, when it first presented the unique bottle to the world at the London Savoy, to much acclaim and subsequent design awards. Ty Nant is available in both still and sparkling in 750ml, 330ml and 250ml glass.

Ty Nant Too


To celebrate ten years of bringing unrivalled style to the tables of customers around the world, Ty Nant launched 'Ty Nant Too' in 1999 – an equally audacious crimson bottle. In keeping with the already famous blue bottle, reminiscent  of blue glass traditionally made in Bristol in the 1800's, the crimson colour is also associated with the renowned glass-houses of Bristol. Ty Nant is available in both still and sparkling in 750ml and 330ml glass crimson bottles. 

Pure by Design

Ty Nant teamed with Welsh born designer Ross Lovegrove to create the sensational new PET bottle. Boasting a form that was described as ‘impossible to produce’, Ty Nant’s fierce determination and passion for innovation brought the ground-breaking bottle to life. The asymmetrical bottle was designed to evoke the fluidity of water, and to launch the new bottle, Ty Nant combined its subtle curves with those of supermodel Adriana Sklenarikova to inspire a set of stunning photographs - shot by internationally renowned photographer - RANKIN - emphasising purity, fluidity and aesthetic form. Ty Nant is available in 1.5 Litre, 1 Litre and 500ml in PET bottles (still only). 

A Clear Winner


March 2003 saw Ty Nant bringing contemporary, stylish design into the 'clear glass' sector of the bottled water market with TAU an immediate award winning, minimalist clear glass bottle. Reflecting Ty Nant's uncompromising approach to innovative design – TAU, with its chic minimalist black and white labels has been specifically designed for outlets where colour may not be appropriate but quality and style are essential.

TAU takes its name from an ancient welsh word meaning 'to be silent' which was felt to encapsulate TAU's understated clean lines, and the fresh tasting spring water drawn from a unique source, and bottled at the Ty Nant factory. TAU is available in both still and sparkling in 750ml and 330ml glass bottles. 


Following an assessment by an independent body, Ty Nant Spring Water has been awarded ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certification. This prestigious award for quality, is supported by the Government and recognised world-wide. The award recognises a commitment to an exceptional quality of service.

Ty Nant has always taken a totally uncompromising attitude towards product quality and design excellence. Not only has this made it extraordinarily popular with health and style conscious consumers, but it has also won more than its fair share of industry awards. 

The Bottle That Everyone Wants

Almost everyone who enjoys Ty Nant Natural Mineral Water admits to keeping one or two blue bottles around the home or office as an ornament or vase.  Photographers delight in the bottle's photogenic appeal. The refractive qualities and sinuous lines of the PET bottle have also excited the more experimental photographers.  Renowned for its purity, and revered for its iconic design status, Ty Nant is now refreshing discerning palates in many stylish hotels, restaurants and clubs from Barcelona to Bahrain and Kyoto to Kensington. It has also become a familiar feature of the most prestigious social, sporting, and cultural events, from exclusive parties to top fashion shows and product launches to art exhibitions. Ty Nant also regularly lends its unmistakable style to numerous lifestyle magazines.