In the small hamlet of Bethania, West Wales on the edge of the Cambrian Mountains lies the celebrated spring of Tŷ Nant natural mineral water.
Amongst the mysteries of human powers is the art of water divination. Drawn from an unseen force, the water diviner can locate exactly the source of vast amounts of underground water. In this way the powerful Tŷ Nant water source was discovered in 1976 by an eminent water diviner, Tom Ashley, who was invited to locate water for domestic use on farmland in Bethania.
Acting on the diviners’ instruction, a borehole was sunk through one hundred feet of rock and clay to the underground aquifer and on first taste Mr Ashley declared it to be the purest water he had ever tasted. Subsequent stringent analysis confirmed the water’s naturally pure, well balanced composition, ideal for drinking.
Launch, Tŷ Nant Blue Glass Range
Officially launched at London’s Savoy hotel in 1989, Tŷ Nant natural mineral water took the bottled water market by storm with the aesthetically pleasing cobalt-blue glass bottle range. Rapidly gaining recognition as a premium product Tŷ Nant immediately won the British “First Glass” Award for Design Excellence.
Tŷ Nant entered the bottled water market not only as an excellent natural beverage, but due to it’s unique shape and lustrous colour also impacted on the fashion, lifestyle and advertising world throughout the UK, Europe and America with over 60% of Tŷ Nant being exported worldwide.

Coming Home from Lampeter to Bethania, Wales

In December 1996, due to increased product demand Tŷ Nant invested in a new 45,000 sq ft bottling plant increasing the production capacity five fold. Built with assistance from the Development Board for Rural Wales, the state of the art facility is sited directly above the original borehole where the first waters were drawn in 1976.
Tŷ Nant Too, Red Glass Range
Tŷ Nant’s 10th anniversary was celebrated in 1999 and a limited edition crimson bottle in the same elegance as the Tŷ Nant blue shape was launched. Due to increased popularity the crimson-red bottle became a permanent fixture in the range and is officially known as Tŷ Nant Too.
The Ripple Effect, Plastic Range
The award winning, visionary bottle, designed by famed Welsh-born designer Ross Lovegrove appeals to the design conscious with its unique ripple effect packaging, which refracts light and colour, imitating surface reflections on water.
The launch involved the subtle curves of the ripple bottle with those of supermodel Adriana Sklenarikova to inspire a set of stunning photographs – shot by internationally renowned photographer – RANKIN – emphasising purity, fluidity and aesthetic form – winning Tŷ Nant the prestigious Golden “Gramia” Awards for the best PR campaign of 2002.
Confirming it’s desirability as a designer water – Tŷ Nant’s ripple plastic bottle was voted “The 8th Coolest Thing in the World Right Now” by leading consumer style magazine ARENA – October 2003.
Refreshingly Understated, TAU Spring Water
Tŷ Nant’s uncompromising approach to design was demonstrated in March 2003 with the launch of TAU Spring Water into the clear glass bottled water market. Taking its name from an ancient Welsh word meaning ‘to be silent’, TAU’s fresh tasting spring water is drawn from a unique source on the edge of the Cambrian Mountains.


Tŷ Nant & the Pink Ribbon Foundation
Drink Pink! Tŷ Nant have dressed their unique Tŷ Nant Ripple plastic range with a pink cap and label in support of the Pink Ribbon Foundation.
Tŷ Nant has been working with the Pink Ribbon Foundation since 2008, actively supporting their mission to help people who have been affected by breast cancer. For every bottle sold a donation is sent to the Foundation.
In addition to donations triggered to the Pink Ribbon Foundation, Tŷ Nant also actively engage in events raising awareness and additional funds for the Foundation to continue their vital support. Visit Tŷ Nant and the Pink Ribbon Foundation to find out more.
The Iconic Choice from film, sports to fashion
Tŷ Nant is recognised throughout the World as one of the ultimate stylish refreshments, through associations with aspirational events, publications, television and film.
Examples include official water supplier partnerships with world recognised sporting, music, arts and fashion events including Louis Vuitton Sailing Cup, The Stella Artois Tennis Championships, London Fashion Week, The MOBO Awards and the Venice Biennale of the Arts.
Tŷ Nant is also regularly placed on the sets of top-rating UK and US television programmes and films – with sightings in Coronation Street, Doctors, Big Bang Theory, Frasier, Ugly Betty, Friends, Hollyoaks, Eastenders, Emmerdale, the villians ice bar in the 20th James Bond installment ‘Die Another Day’, The Italian Job, Paddington Bear and Iron Man 2.